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Offering over a decade of industry Lasermark are THE choice for high quality full colour labels for structured cabling & electrical installations.

Additional Products

Our 13 years experience also allows us to provide you with many wide-ranging and different products, all manufactured to our usual high standard.

For instance, at our factory in West Kingsdown, Kent, we also produce our innovative and effective harness tags. These tags are designed to identify large bundles of cable and come in a thinner, flexible plastic.

Not as brittle as many others on the market, our harness tags can also be printed in a variety of different colours and styles and as the leading supplier of labels, templates and tags we are able to print any logo onto them. This is an entirely unique product as no other competitors in the industry are able to provide this service.

Slab ID Labels

Not only do our harness tags provide a simple and effective way of identifying large bundles of cable, they also add a professional touch to your business.

Slab ID Labels
A recent addition to our range, slab ID labels can be stuck directly to the floor to indicate the position of where floorboxes are to be installed. This replaces the slow method of manually stenciling the box colour on the floor using spray paint. A large amount of both time and money can be saved using our new slab ID labels.

Traditional Engraving

Wondering if we still do laser engraving the old fashioned way?
Yes, we do. Although our business is predominantly digital labels and colour products, we can still provide a traditional engraving service for those customers that still want an engraved rather than printed feel to their labels.

We still have many customers that prefer to have their labels printed this way and this is not a problem for us; we are always happy to provide any service we can to our customers. And that includes traditional laser engraving.

If you would like any more information about our additional products, please do not hesitate to contact one of our helpful and friendly team.

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  • First class service
  • 10 years experience
  • Unique colour printing - Nowhere else does this!
  • Our strong adhesive ensures ultimate hold - your labels will not fall off!
  • Fast turnaround and delivery
  • Best quality traffolyte label available in the market

Our Products

Label Printing

Unlike all other label printing companies, Lasermark Promotions uses UV colour printing technology. We understand that presentation is of vital importance in today’s marketplace and that is why we are proud to provide you with the very best in labeling products.

Traffolyte Labels

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