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Switch Templates

Cabling Labels

One of the most important parts of any cabling system is the switch template. No matter what your requirements, we can create bespoke switch templates that suit your Cisco switches perfectly.

Before all the equipment is installed, our switch template will be placed into the cabling rack. Fitted inside the cabinet, the switch template will be the same dimensions as the cabinet and is aimed at correctly dressing in the cables to the correct length. This ensures that the process of installing the equipment is even easier.

Our laser cutter create a template of the correct dimensions.

Experienced Team

The result is a clear template, making cable connections accurate and ensuring that all equipment and leads cables fit perfectly.

Usually, the switch template will be around 19in in width and anywhere up to 400mm deep. Our experienced team will be able to manufacture your switch template to suit whatever requirements you have however.

Our laser printing process also enables us to clearly print the numbering for each cable connection, making your job easier.

Apart from ensuring that each cable connection is the right length, a key advantage of our switch templates is that they can be used again and again.

Time Saving

Switch TemplatesOnce you have finished with the template, it has to be removed to allow the equipment to be fitted and then if you have another area with the same size cabinet, you can repeat the process all over again.

This not only saves you time and hassle, but also saves you having to purchase a new switch template every time work is required.

This is just one of the applications our unique combination of digital and laser technologies is able to achieve. If you have a particular need please do not hesitate to contact one of our helpful and friendly team. They will be more than happy to help and advise you in any way they can.

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Unlike all other label printing companies, Lasermark Promotions uses UV colour printing technology. We understand that presentation is of vital importance in today’s marketplace and that is why we are proud to provide you with the very best in labeling products.

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